The Right Furniture Helps all Aspects of the Healthcare Experience

Date: October 14, 2022

Advances in healthcare furnishing are providing greatly needed solutions that help support the patient, staff, and medical practitioners. When we work with healthcare facilities, it’s always exciting to be able to blend our expertise in workplace design, interior design, and the functionality that healthcare facilities need. Modern healthcare facilities can embrace a calming aesthetic that patients need without sacrificing cleanliness or function. 

Helping Patients

Lengthy treatments don’t need to be a pain for patients. We’re seeing a trend in healthcare furnishing that focuses not only on the must-haves (durable, easy to clean, stain resistant) but also on the comfort of the patients. The Benson Patient Recliner, pictured above, is a great example. Not only is the seat comfortable and adjustable for the patient but the chair also blends the needs of healthcare furnishing with a sleek design. Patient seating doesn’t need to look like the hospital chairs of years past, we help our healthcare clients choose the best fit for functional needs while maintaining an updated and relaxing aesthetic.


Many patients feel anxiety, especially while waiting for a doctor in an exam room. Opting for a comfortable chair, like the IOA Exam Chair pictured below, provides patients with a less stressful wait. Then, when needed it can fully recline to allow for a standard exam. 

Helping Staff

Creating functional workstations for nurses and other staff members doesn’t need to be a frustrating endeavor. We like using modular millwork solutions like the Interwoven Alterna line, pictured above. Modular solutions allow us to easily take less-than functional space and turn them into a place that supports the work of your staff. 


When supporting your staff it’s also important to consider solutions that make for an overall better experience for staff and patients. We like implementing monitor solutions like the Ergotron Sit to Stand Combo Arm, pictured below. Not only does it help patients see results more clearly, but it allows for a more ergonomic experience for the staff member. 

Helping Practitioners


Healthcare has had to shift with the growing need for affordable and accessible advice from home. Seeing patients virtually can be a great way for Doctors to help more patients without filling waiting rooms, but it does require more doctors to have access to a private, quiet space for taking patient meetings virtually. We work with several furnishing providers that have meeting pods like the PoppinPod, pictured above, or the HushPhone pictured below. We can work with healthcare providers to choose the pod that will have the most appropriate use for your needs. 



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