The Four Cs of Education

Date: April 14, 2023

Something big has changed in higher education: the classroom as we knew it is gone. Instead of defining individual rooms with distinct purposes (classroom, dorm, dining hall, student union) students need their university to transform into an immersive learning environment. Today learning happens anywhere on campus, and it’s our job to help students get the best possible education experience. 


A more holistic approach to the living and learning experience of higher education requires us to view the entire campus as the classroom. Why? Because learning happens anywhere people are engaged in discussions, sharing ideas, and being creative. The Four Cs of Education help us to balance this need for learning with student and staff retention and leaving the door open for future flexibility. 

Encouraging Connection

Learning takes many different forms, and not every setting is the best fit for an individual student. How do you keep up with the ever changing forms of learning, teaching, and collaborating? By supporting your students no matter where they are learning. 


Consider this: Dorm rooms are both living and learning spaces. The library isn’t just where books are kept, but a space where students work solo or together. The student union is a space for both socializing and engaging with the concepts they’re learning. 


Encouraging collaboration requires you to create space for people to get together. Their needs are simple: comfortable chairs, a work surface, and a place to plug in their devices. We worked with the University of Louisiana Lafayette to update their student union to help their students congregate and collaborate. Pictured above, comfortable Kimball Villa Lounge Seating gives students a great place for small group meet ups. 

Managing Change

Planning for and managing change requires a focus on “smart” design that allows for flexible solutions. With 95% of leaders stating that they have seen the need to manage change has sped up in the past few years, it’s not surprising that our furnishings need to support this change. 


For example, many students want a dedicated space in the library for focus work. But, that may not always be the case. We like solutions like the Haworth Enclose Movable Office Walls, featured at the Son of a Saint Headquarters


Solutions like movable office walls allow you to create dedicated workspace that come together easily, and move easily when needed. With power and data integration students can work for as long as they need. 

Challenging the Status Quo

Even age-old institutions are feeling the pressure from students to make changes. Keeping in mind that learning happens anywhere on campus: how is your school empowering students to try new things, test new concepts, and consider new approaches?


For example, the constant update to technology has changed the way we learn and live. As technological advances continue, students must develop new skills to succeed in their future career, and their university must have the tools and resources to support their learning. 


Simply reframing the idea that learning just happens in the classroom is a challenge to the status quo. We love providing unique learning environments with seating that comes equipped with a work surface. The Maari with tablet arm chair pictured above, is a great option for providing more workplaces without needing big changes to a room.  

Increase Choice

Today’s students need their campus to be responsive to their needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach to campus design. Instead the common thread in campus design is choice. Campus design is a competitive factor in gaining new students. They like to see that they are given the choice of different spaces that can enrich their learning and optimize their school experience. Helping make your school fit your students needs is key



We’re proud to be part of the Louisiana State Contract number 4400019558 which allows us to provide some of the best in furnishing to schools in our state. To learn more about the latest products for schools please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.