Design Trends To Watch: NeoCon Recap 2021

Date: October 22, 2021

October finally brought us NeoCon 2021! This annual gathering of the commercial interiors industry is the best place to keep up with major design trends that impact the spaces we create for years to come. This year we’ve seen a continuation of trends that we’ve been watching: the changing workspace due to COVID, an increase in comfortable and cozy furnishings, and a big increase in flexible furnishings. 

Offices Are More Flexible Than Ever

With all of us working from home, from the office, and from third places, how we use each space has changed. Most of us find our home office the best place for focus-driven work, the office is best for collaboration and creativity, and third places for everything in between. 


Offices need to adapt to this new, more creative environment that people want when they walk in the door. This is driving major trends in office furnishings from conference tables that encourage creativity, to easily maneuverable Resonate chairs that can be moved and used when needed. 

Haworth’s Pergola is another great option that can be used for anything from a break room, to a conference room, to an office. This architectural piece can help to define an open workroom and also helps to give employees a “change of scenery” without needing to leave the office floor. “Pergola is one of the most exciting new products from Haworth right now,” said Kris Van Dierendonck, our Principal and owner. “It gives employees a brand new space in the office they already know. Pergola can be used as a break room, a small conference room, or even as an office - there are so many different uses for this interesting architectural piece.” 

Adaptable Privacy Precautions In Offices

The office isn’t for collaboration only, it also needs to have the capability to give privacy when it’s needed. To account for this we’re seeing trends that include movable desking with optional partitions or dividers. These dividers can give your office a boost in acoustics for private conversations, plus it can help create solo work-space when social distancing is required. 


Our Design Director, Donna Trotter says “Adding partitions to desking like Intuity [pictured above] is really helpful in giving employees their own space, even in an open-concept office. Separating communal desks can also make employees who are nervous about returning to work in-person feel more comfortable in their workplace.”

Things Are Getting Cozy

With most of us used to working from the comfort of our couch, it’s no surprise that “Resimercial” design is trending. The combination of residential comfort in commercial spaces makes the office space feel less stressful and can help to boost creativity. 

“I particularly like the Back Wing and Lud’o chairs.” said  Interior Designer and Business Developer Marcia Gavin. “Both are extremely comfortable, and they are still very design focused. Lud’o has the look of a chair you’d have in your own living room - it’s inviting and cozy. The Back Wing chair has a more modern aesthetic, but with an equally comfortable experience.”

Colors And Textures

It’s not just seating that is getting softer. We’re also seeing a growing trend in soft, organic colors and textures changing everything from paint to flooring to upholstery. Neutral tones like sage green, and earthy clay, mix with natural fabrics like wool, jute, and full grain leather across the office. 


We’re particular fans of the Cord rug by Gan that encapsulates many trend elements while also working with recycled materials to create rugs that can be used indoors or outdoors. “Gan rugs are always on the forefront of design trends, so we’re excited to see that they’re embracing warm and natural tones as much as we are,” said Sales and Interior Design Consultant, Lauren Sperier.

Getting Outdoors

The last trend we’re watching is the increase in outdoor workspaces being offered by businesses. We’re big fans of working outdoors, it can lower stress and increase creativity and collaboration! 

The SEE! Lounge is a great outdoor seating choice. The woven frame feels organic, and with a modular design it’s easy to reconfigure whenever you need to support groups of different sizes. 


“I never miss the opportunity to work outside when given the chance,” said Account Manager, Angelle Virdure. “I’m excited that more and more companies are seeing the value of outdoor workspaces with comfortable seating like the SEE! Line from Haworth.”


To learn more about design trends and how they can work in your space please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.