How To Help Your Employees Feel Safe Going Back To Work

Date: August 5, 2021

As we all begin to return to offices on a more regular basis, it’s understandable that employees are feeling some trepidation. After more than a year of working remotely from the safety and comfort of home, some people may find themselves nervous to return to the office. Businesses need to create a work environment that feels safe, productive and helps employees to get their jobs done! There are several things businesses can do to help employees know and feel that their safety is a priority at work.

Creating Opportunity For Work Preferences

We’re sure you’ve noticed while working from home that some aspects of your job are made easier, and some are harder. As we all come to understand that we need different work environments in order to work most efficiently, businesses are beginning to embrace the hybrid work environment. Mike Todd, President and CEO of Systems Plus says that businesses should prioritize allowing employees to choose what type of work environment is best for them: home, the office, or both. “Depending on which option they select, make sure to assist them in making their preferred work environment safe, healthy & ergonomic.”

Safety Starts At The Door

Mike recommends that businesses looking to return to the office right now should install temperature monitoring via cameras on mobile carts at office entrances to screen employees. This can help your business create a culture of working from home when sick to help protect your fellow employees. 


He also recommends implementing higher partitions in offices instead of plexiglass screens. “Partitions offer better acoustics and protection from airborne viruses; plus, plexiglass is more expensive and does not offer protection,” says Mike. Strategically placing partitions, utilizing desks with acoustic buffers like the Openest Single Desk, or moving storage solutions around your office can also help to enforce social distancing.

Prioritizing Air Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic has people more aware than ever before of the way that viruses can spread through the air. Wilson M. Carruthers Jr., Owner of the Carruthers Group is an expert in the tools businesses can use to improve their air quality. He says that many businesses fall into the common pitfalls of having inadequate HVAC systems and not enough fresh air, which negatively affects the air quality of the office. 


Most of us can’t work outdoors all day everyday to get a breath of fresh air! Instead, he recommends that businesses add personal air filters to cubicles and offices. This can help as a quick way to get better air quality for your employees without needing to overhaul your entire HVAC system. He recommends Clean Zonez units, “they filter air at the source for the best results for your employees.”


Outside of helping to protect your employees from airborne viruses? Wilson says that prioritizing air quality “creates a peace of mind, eliminates unnecessary sick days, it improves alertness, increases productivity, reduces allergies & makes employees feel appreciated.”

Opt for Ergonomics 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that caring for the collective health of your employees is key! One of the biggest failings that businesses can have on the long term health of their employees is ignoring proper ergonomics at the office. We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. Studies find that people who sat for more than 6 hours per day with no physical activity had a risk of dying similar to the risks of dying posed by obesity and smoking. This fact is alarming, but even more alarming is that most U.S office workers spend 13 hours a day sedentary!


Helping your employees be healthier at the office means offering ergonomic chairs that have good back support, like the Zody chair. But, for long-term success businesses should also provide employees with standing desk converters, height adjustable furniture, footrests, and anti-fatigue mats. 



Getting back to the office will be key for many businesses to work on collaborative projects, build team spirit, and get back into a regular routine. To learn more about safety updates you can make for your offices please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.