Exciting New Products From NeoCon 2022

Date: July 22, 2022

June 2022 brought back one of our favorite events of the year: NeoCon. We were lucky enough to have our Founder, Kris Van Dierendonck, head of Business Development, Marie Richoux, and Account Manager, Angelle Virdure attend the three day conference in Chicago. This event brings together designers, dealers, architects, manufacturers, and more to learn more about the latest in workspace design. This year we were thrilled to see so many new and innovative products in person! Here are the products we were most impressed with from NeoCon 2022. 

Compose Echo

The Compose Echo System is a totally new innovation for office desks. The height adjustable table is the easiest we’ve seen to change from sitting to standing positions. This allows employees to change how they work throughout the day instead of staying in one spot. The tether keeps desks organized while allowing individual employees to adjust their workspace to their preference. 


It was more than exciting to see Haworth’s Pergola in person! This architectural piece can be used for many different purposes from break rooms to small team conference rooms to offices. It can be used to break up large rooms without construction, plus it can be reconfigured as your needs change. 

Lud’ina Chair

A new sister to the Lud’o chair is the Lud’ina. After seeing them in person we were surprised with how much we enjoyed the Lud’o chair from Cappellini. Both Lud’o and Lud’ina are pillowy soft chairs that allow for a relaxing break in many different settings: waiting rooms, hospitality, even at home. 

Cardigan Lounge

The Haworth Cardigan Lounge is an award winner for a reason. This year it won the Best of NeoCon Business Innovation Award, HiP Awards Workplace Lounge Seating Winner, and Metropolis Likes Lounge award! Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the back is made of digitally knit fabric that supports many different sitting positions. 

P22 Armchair


The P22 Armchair by Cassina is a beautiful take on a classic bergère chair. The design is timeless and luxurious while still being comfortable. This piece would work well in offices, lounges, and as casual seating in open workspaces. 

New from AIS 

AIS brought many new products to their Calibrate line this year. Pictured above is the Calibrate Casegoods and Cantilever height adjustable table. Big news from AIS is that their finishes now match Haworth finishes for mixing and matching. 


Tuohy Faraday Conference Table


The Tuohy Faraday table was just stunning to see. The design not only looks beautiful but also easily hides wires and has many options for sitting and standing heights, as well as meeting room size. The best part about the Faraday tables are the materials options: wood veneers mixed with stone, or metal laminates can change the appearance dramatically. 



To learn more about the latest products for offices and how they can work in your space please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.