Easy Ergonomic Updates for a Healthier Office

Date: November 18, 2022

Creating a healthier work environment is always on our minds. We spend so much of our days at our desks (either at home or at your workplace)! It’s important that our workspaces support not only a productive work environment, but a healthy place for us to spend time. According to UCLA Health, “sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a major cause of back pain, caused by increased stress of the back, neck, arms, and legs.” Creating ergonomic offices can sound difficult or expensive but even the smallest tweaks can make a huge difference. 

Small Changes - Big Impact

One of the easiest ways to create a healthier workspace is to raise your laptop or computer screen. Pointing your head down at a screen on your desk puts more stress on your neck and shoulders than is necessary. It’s not just a twinge in your neck today, when your screen is always at a poor angle the repetitive stress to your neck and back can cause long-term damage and pain. 


An easy fix for this is adding a laptop stand or a monitor stand to your desk! These are easy to install and allow for adjustable screens that suit your needs as well as make it easier to show your screen to fellow employees or clients. We like the Monitor Arms from Haworth and Ergotron. They look sleek and are intuitive for employees to use. 

Keep Tools Right At Your Fingertips


An often overlooked aspect to a healthy workspace is ease of access to a powersource. When employees need to crouch under their desk to plug in a charging cord, or there are no accessible power outlets nearby it can create challenges for many employees. We like the Belong Power Solutions that offer outlet extensions and chargers without adding clutter to desktops. 

Easily Adjust To Standing Desks

We all know that having the option to both sit and stand throughout the day is better for our health than simply sitting all day long. However we know it’s not always possible to fully switch to height adjustable desks. Instead opt for Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstations

These workstations sit on top of your existing desk or work surface and allow the user to choose the best height for their needs. With adjustable monitor and keyboard heights, this workstation can easily be used by many different employees.

Opt For Ergonomic Seating

If there is one place to splurge when it comes to ergonomic workplaces it’s the chair. A bad desk chair isn’t just uncomfortable, it can contribute to long-term back problems. We highly recommend the new Haworth Zody II chair for employers who are investing in the wellness of their employees. 

The Zody II chair was designed for comfort and support for all employees. It has an innovative dual posture feature that allows for ideal posture for both sitting and standing desk heights. Plus it has the best ergonomic back support system that allows for custom adjustment for each side of the back.


To learn more about the latest products for healthy workplaces please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.