Does Your School Fit Your Students’ Needs?

Date: August 19, 2021

Back To School: Is Your School In Line With Student’s Needs? 


Modern schools understand that students need so much more than a desk and curriculum. Students need a classroom that works for contemporary teaching methods, with access to technology, and the ability to work together or individually. Updated classrooms make for great learning environments, but students also need the social spaces that help to enrich their lives. 

Classrooms For All Levels Of Education

The classroom is the workspace for both teachers and students, and should be equipped with the tools they need to get their job done. Classrooms are becoming more technology-driven, and are being reconfigured year over year as students’ needs change. These classrooms need furnishings to support the learning process. A focus on furnishings that can be configured in many different ways is helpful for the ever-changing education landscape. 


Different levels of education have different needs 

  • Elementary through High School - Younger students not only need furnishings that are size-appropriate, they also need their school to help them engage with the learning process. For all ages, creating multi-use environments out of classrooms and libraries helps students to learn the same concepts in new ways. We helped to create the new KDHSA Library with collaborative spaces, as well as individual desks for independent learning. Furnishings that support active learning need to be flexible and configured in many different ways, like the easy to move Dock Training tables by Kimball


  • Higher Education- Higher education students often have the most choice in where they attend school. We’ve already covered how your furnishings can greatly impact the culture of a university by encouraging behaviors or creating a specific atmosphere. When prospective students are touring your school, they don’t only get to see the extracurricular activities that get students excited, but they see the classroom too. Classrooms that feel dated, cold, and uncomfortable aren’t going to win over anyone. Instead consider how your classrooms align with your campus culture. Do they encourage students to work collaboratively? Are they set up for independent learning? This should inform how your classrooms are furnished.


Social Spaces That Students Need

While a student's primary “job” at school is in the classroom learning, the value of social spaces can’t be underestimated. The relationships that students make can last a lifetime, and can greatly impact how they reflect on their time at your school. Social spaces are important for group projects, as well as relaxing together after class. 


  • Collaboration Spaces - Collaborative learning spaces can exist in nearly any building on campus. Facilitating group work requires comfortable seating like the Pairings Bench, and desk space with the all too important power capability found in the Planes Collaborative table. Giving students a place to hunker down, plug in their laptops, and get to work is key. 

  • Cafeterias - Cafeterias aren’t just places for students to eat before or after class, they’re places where students can share a communal meal together. Creating comfortable eating spaces with cafe style seating can help students to linger over meals and get to know each other! We love the Tate Color Chair which allows you to add your school colors to a modern and comfortable (and easily stackable!) chair. 


  • Dorm Building Lounges - The dorms are students' home base when at school. It’s not just where they relax and sleep, it’s where they get ready in the morning, and a study space in the afternoons. While dorm rooms are great spaces for students to decompress and take care of themselves, many students find value in their dorm building lounges. These spaces can be purely social, and a way for students to get together without crowding into one room. Providing ample seating like the Cabana Lounge Island allows students to get together and can even be used for study sessions with optional integrated tables. 



KV Workspace can help you create the environment your students need for an excellent learning experience. We can help create your space with furniture from Haworth and Haworth Collection (Haworth products available through our Louisiana State Contract number 4400019558) as well as the high quality furnishings available from Kimball. Reach out at 985.626.3361 - or contact your KV Workspace representative for more information.