Celebrate this Holiday Season at the Office

Date: November 17, 2021

Celebrate This Holiday Season At The Office

As more of us continue to return to the office we’re excited to get some in-person time with our teams. While working from home has some significant benefits, the one main problem is a lack of in-person connection with your coworkers. Everything from your company morale, employee burnout, creativity, and collaboration can benefit from getting together in person. While a holiday party may continue to be off the table due to social distancing needs, you can still have fun with your office this holiday season.

Wrap Your Door

Internal and external doors can bring a lot of holiday spirit when wrapped up in a bow. This decoration is easy to DIY and customize! Try using your business colors, or classic holiday favorites like red, gold, or silver. If going the DIY route, be sure to buy lots of mesh tulle fabric, at minimum 5 yards to wrap vertically, plus more for the bow. No time for a DIY option? Door bows can be found inexpensively on etsy, or providers like, pictured above. 

Host A Desk Decorating Competition

Hosting a socially distanced holiday party may not be possible but if your desks are already appropriately spaced out, you can strike up the spirit with a desk decorating competition. Set aside an hour for your team to get creative with their workspace. Providing paper, ornaments, and tinsel can help get your team moving. When the hour is up your team can walk around and choose the winner! Get inspired with this cozy set up by Square Signs.

Brighten Up Communal Spaces

Image by victoriapeckham

With a little more time (and the help of a ladder!) twinkling lights can help to brighten up anywhere from the break room to conference rooms to the lobby. 

Deck the Reception Desk

The holidays in healthcare facilities may not be able to be highly decorated but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some garland. The Wichita Eagle documented this fun take on the holiday classic applied to look like a heart rate monitor!  

Go Big Or Go Home


To make high-impact decorations that don’t take hours to craft, try going oversized. These giant christmas tree baubles are fun, but we particularly like these giant jingle bells by Smart Schoolhouse. All you need are two mixing bowls, a little bit of paint and glue and a bow on top! For a more time-intensive craft, try this oversized holly and berry garland!

A Different Paper Snowflake

Teachers: this year instead of the traditional paper snowflakes opt for these simple Scandinavian paper stars instead! When done you can decorate with stars all around the room.

Make A Themed Tree

A traditional Christmas tree may not be appropriate for all offices. Instead try getting creative by making your own tree out of materials that reflect your business. We like the legal books used for a law firm above! Medical facilities can also use gloves to make a tree for the holiday season. 


No Floor Space? Decorate A Wall

Many offices and schools simply don’t have the room for a holiday display in their lobby or hallways. Instead of skipping the holiday decorations, try decorating a wall instead! Teachers Mag collected many ways to decorate for the holidays, but we like the simple tree pictured above. 



This holiday season we hope your office is able to get together and celebrate! We hope these decorating ideas help to spark your holiday spirit. To learn more about how office design can boost collaboration please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.