A New Flexible Classroom Is Coming

Date: September 22, 2022

Redefining the look and feel of classrooms and education spaces is one of the most exciting areas of our business. We know that students needs continually change which means classrooms must change, too. Creating functional and flexible classrooms is essential for students to get the most out of their education. New and innovative classroom furniture helps to make modern education fit student’s needs. 


Supporting The Teacher 

Teachers need their schools to provide appropriate support in order to give their students the best education possible. Different types of lessons may require the teacher’s desk to be more flexible than ever before to support sitting, standing, and moving of the desk. The Kimball Guide line of desks and accessories is a great fit in nearly every classroom. The desk has a tower lectern that supports standing lectures as well as seated work. Plus there are optional nesting utility tables that offer extra work space. The desk is also on wheels to allow for ease of movement. 



A teaching tool that we are super excited about is the Kimball Xsede Media Cart. Not only is this cart fully mobile, but it supports both an electronic display monitor on one side and a marker board on the other. This helps teachers to make their classrooms interactive and streamlines the use of space in the classroom.

Sit To Stand For Students

We all know that sitting all day long isn’t great for any of us. As classrooms become more flexible, so must student’s desks. The National Public Seating Sit to Stand Desk Series allows students to have the capability of standing desks. These sturdy desks provide a comfortable worktop for both sitting and standing use. They’re also easy (and quiet!) for students to adjust themselves if necessary with the pneumatic lift system. 

Supporting Hands-On Education

Science classes don’t get to have all the fun! Hands-on, active learning helps students in all classes. These new work stations help students to learn while getting out from behind their standard desk. 


The clever Paragon Maker Invent Table allows for interactive STEAM classes. With a highly customizable worktop and shelving system students can sit or stand at their workstations while they learn through action. The pegboard side allows for extra storage and wheels allow for ease of classroom configuration. 


Paragon A&D Activity Tables are fun and functional. With customizable shapes that include rectangles, trapezoids, as well as flowers and puzzle pieces, this suite of tables can support students of all age ranges. Customize the shape, color, and base to make the perfect classroom.

A New Take on Library & Social Spaces

School upgrades can’t just happen in the classroom, a holistic approach must include other social spaces like the cafeterias and libraries! 


We love to see higher education give their students a unique look and feel to their campus. One way that universities can make their dining halls feel cozy and comfortable is by offering cafe-style seating. For this we love the super eco-friendly Emeco On and On chair. This chair is both made from recycled materials, and is recyclable itself. You can also choose colors that suit your school to reinforce your school’s branding



In Libraries or Learning Resource Centers a new push for collaboration requires seating that supports small group work. The National Fringe and Kozmic (featured above) lines of seating create flexible seating environments. Both are easy to customize and rearrange when necessary and offer optional worktops and in-seat power. 



We’re proud to be part of the Louisiana State Contract number 4400019558 which allows us to provide some of the best in furnishing to schools in our state. To learn more about the latest products for schools please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.