Holiday Inn

Project Highlights

  • Job Title: Holiday Inn
  • Job Location: Metairie, LA
  • Job Size: lobby area
  • Job Date: June 2017
  • Architect: KFK Group

Products Used

  • Kimball Bloom
  • Kimball Dwell

The client's purpose to renovate the exisiting lobby for the Holiday Inn, was to have more seating for hotel guest and with that, create more of a social space for everyone. With this in mind KV Workspace refurnished the lobby using two seating products, the 'Dwell' and the 'Bloom', both provided by Kimball, as well as tables and carpeting. The tables between these chairs have electricity power that allows for guests to charge their electronic devices while in a welcoming and warm environment that KV Workspace along with KFK Group architects has created.